Saturday, April 7, 2007

Practically neighbors

According to this report, Posh and Becks have bought a place downtown. The penthouse apartment may be just a crash pad after shows at the Ahmanson Theater, or a concert at Walt Disney Hall, but I'm pretty pleased that the new star couple of the city is actually in the city.

Frankly, that's rare, especially among the LA Galaxy players. Most of them live in the South Bay, as the beach communities adjacent to Los Angeles are collectively known. Manhattan Beach is the specific hamlet of many, including Landon Donovan. Even the ones who don't live there still don't live in LA. Pete Vagenas lives in Pasadena. Tyrone Marshall in Chino Hills.

Among the local soccer reporters, I think I'm the only one residing in the city of LA. Luis doesn't even live in LA County. He's out in Riverside.

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