Sunday, April 1, 2007

Getting to know Cuau

Some random thoughts about the second-highest profile player in MLS.

- It's spelled C-U-A-U-H-T-E-M-O-C. Just remember the -A- is sandwiched between a pair of Us. If you can remember "TEMOC" and that there's an -H- in there you will know how to spell it easily.

- Cuauhtemoc is the name of the last Aztec emperor. I contemplated naming my son Cuauhtemoc after the last Aztec emperor but didn't because of two reasons: 1) I didn't want people to think I'd named him after Cuauhtemoc Blanco and, more importantly 2) I don't have a son; I have two girls.

- Here are his season stats for every season he played in Mexico since 1995-1996. They don't keep track of assists down there so don't bother looking for them.

- Blanco scored some very memorable goals for Mexico. He scored in the 1998 World Cup match against Belgium. He knocked in the leveler in a 2-2 match. He also scored two goals against Jamaica in 2001 in a 2-1 win. If Mexico would have lost that game, it is likely they would not have qualified for the World Cup. He also scored two goals in the game that did qualify Mexico for the World Cup in a 3-0 win over Honduras in November of 2001. Francisco Palencia scored the other. Blanco scored in the 2002 World Cup against Croatia (1-0 win) but did not score for El Tri again until February when he scored in their 3-1 win over Venezuela in San Diego.

- Trinidad's Ansil Elcock tore Blanco's knee ligaments with a viscous tackle in a 2000 qualifier in Mexico City. It took him a long time to recover and, in fact, did not play again until the Jamaica match (I will have to double check that for all you fellow journalists who steal stuff from this blog to use for your stories so use it if you wish but it might not be right - and I don't mean fellow bloggers cause you guys are cool; I mean writers who write for a living who steal from us, it happens).

- Blanco played for Valladolid in Spain. He didn't play much but I thought that if he would have gotten more of a shot he would have done well. He did score a brilliant free kick goal against Real Madrid (again, I'll have to double check it but I think that's who it was against).

- Blanco has played for Necaxa and Veracruz but has spent most of his career with America.

- He's nicknamed "Cuau" which is pronounced K-wow; or "Temo" which is pronounced Teh-mow, not Tea-mow.

- He once dated some really hot Mexican television personality. I was in awe with his ability to pull that particular lady. As far as I know, though, he's not married.

- He looks chunky but he's not. Trust me.

- Okay, this picture combines the last two thoughts. That lady's name is Galilea Montijo. Holy mackeral!

- Uh, back to the pitch... Blanco's a champion. He led America to the Clausura 2005 championship.

- He scored the game-winning goal for Mexico against the U.S. in a 1-0 win in the 1999 Confederations Cup. He also set up Zinha's goal in Mexico's 2-1 win over the U.S. in Azteca in 2005.

- His much-publicized dislike for Ricardo Lavolpe is genuine but he's not necessarily a coach-killer or anything. As far as I can tell, he's been as fine as any other player under his various club and national team coaches save for Lavolpe.

- I interviewed him in 2002 at LAX. He was waiting for his baggage on the baggage claim and I walked up to him and asked him a few questions about the 2002 World Cup. The national team was traveling from San Francisco to LA and was going to play AC Milan at the Coliseum before heading off to Japan. Blanco was among the many I talked to that day. He's not the greatest interview - in fact, he usually gives short and direct answers.


mosler said...

Thanks for the primer. Could you clear up how you pronounce his whole first name? The '-temoc' seems straight forward, but is the 'Cuauh-' said as K-wow here also, or is that just for the nickname?

L.B. said...

Yeah, I guess I should have given that to start off with along with the spelling.

The first part is K-wow and then teh-mowk

K-wow-teh-mowk... or something

It's NOT: Kwah-tay-mowk

mosler said...

kay-wow-teh-mowk or

Enjoy your phone call. Garber should read your blog I guess :-D

Matt said...

could you just say his name in a podcast? sounds like Garber said "gwahtemock."