Tuesday, April 3, 2007

DC Bunkerball

According to Bofo Bautista, DC will bunker to the death versus Chivas.

Here's some of the stuff he said.

"We're worried about their air game, but if we do a good job, we'll have an advantage of a few goals and move on to the final. Their main ability is that they defend well and counter well. What we saw was nine players staying back and only one or two on the attack."

"It's going to be fundamentally crucial to score quickly to control the game, grab some confidence and God willing, more goals. In any case, it's important to win however we can because we should be in the final and we hope that we get there playing well."

"Whatever mistake we make, they'll want to take advantage of, so we need to be sharp for 90 minutes. We need to attack, seek a goal and not be careless in the back. We know beforehand that they're going to play very closed and wait for some error of ours."

"I wouldn't say we're the favorite - both teams played well in the game over there. What's important is for this team not to stop attacking. That's how we can do damage."


Anonymous said...

Bunkerball? What game was he watching?

Edwin said...

For better or worse, DC just isn't any good at playing traditional MLS-style bunkerball. They will likely try to clog the midfield and contest possession quickly and as far forward as possible, so it may end up being a very chippy, defensive-oriented match, but DC won't be sitting back with 8 men playing deep in their own half.

Matt said...

maybe you can't call what they do "bunkerball" but they certainly are more comfortable sitting back and looking for the counter.