Sunday, April 1, 2007

Contacto Deportivo

I couldn't stay up to watch Contacto Deportivo live so I just recorded it and watched it this morning. They led off with Cuauhtemoc Blanco, which kind of surprised me and made me realize that all this was indeed true. They had one of their reporters join them via telephone from Mexico to discuss the deal, who also floated the names "Jorge Vergara" and "Zizou" out there without saying anything else substantial (it was in the context of any other possible high profile players joining the league).

They then showed highlights of Tigres-Monterrey where Juan Pablo Garcia scored. He's alive! He scored the equalizer in their 3-3 tie. Then they showed more Mexican league highlights.

So then I'd also recorded Titulares Telemundo and watched that to see what they said about the Blanco deal. They led off with Chivas-San Luis and then showed one more Mexican league highlight. Then they showed some NBA highlights, then soccer highlights from Spain, Italy, Guatemala and Argentina before cutting to commercial. Lame.

I'll be sure to watch more of Contacto Deportivo and less of Titulares Telemundo this year.


Anonymous said...

I caught a Contacto Deportivo briefing last night and they said that the Galaxy have concact Zidane about coming out of retirement and playin for a one yr contract. Wow im in Va and i got a LA scoop before ya'll haha, but more importantly DC United is goin to be champs again, true story!

L.B. said...

Um, actually, if you scroll down a few posts, Andrea talked about April foolin' and this same exact Zidane rumor. It's not really a scoop, actually just some lame rumor. It would be nice for Zidane to join MLS but I think if it was going to happen, it would have happened already. However, this will just be the start to a ton of rumors over the next few years about ex-Becks teammates coming out here.

enganche said...

Titulares Telemundo has really gone downhill as a sports highlight show. It has become so Mexican centric and then after showing Mexican highlights they spend plenty of time showing highlights from half empty stadiums in El Salvador and Honduras, but curiously not from Guatemala which has as many ex patriates in the US as El Salvador and Honduras.

But most Central Americans I know would rather follow Spanish or Argentinian or even Mexican soccer than their own leagues due to the quality of play. But Telemundo ignores that. And since they now don't have a contract for the US national team, their coverage of it is just as an after thought. Telemundo are betting on the demographics of Mexican and Central American viewers but instead they are turning off many others with their narrow coverage.

Anonymous said...

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