Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Changes in Chicago

Back when I was first assigned to write a Chicago Fire preview for, I lobbied my editor, Jen Chang, to change my deadline date. I wanted to hold out as long as possible, to see if the team succeeded in their pursuit of Cuauhtemoc Blanco.

He relented. I remember thinking, "I'm going to feel silly about this if nothing happens."

No worries.


mosler said...

Could I run some question by you?

Is Jen Chang the editor of all the soccer content online, or just the US section? I like his writing and wish he had more content up there.

Also, who is Sulaiman Folarin that he rates an interview with Reyna? His Red Bulls gives you wings and salary disparity questions were awful.

A.C. said...

Chang edits the U.S. section, not the other ones. If you look at his articles, his email is in his byline, so you can let him know how you feel about the content and the writers on the U.S. soccer page.

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