Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Yank abroad?

So, does Edgar Castillo count as a Yank abroad? He was born in New Mexico, one of the 50 United States. And he plays abroad, albeit a stone's throw from the U.S. border.

Regardless, an American played for the Mexican national team on Tuesday. Edgar Castillo played all 90 minutes in Mexico's 2-0 win over Chile. The game was the Under-23 team's preparation for the upcoming Olympic qualifying tournament, which will be played here at HDC.

Here's the full lineup for Mexico:

1.- Jonathan Orozco, 2.- Omar Esparza (19.- Luis Robles 45’), 3.- Edgar Castillo, 4.- Francisco Gamboa, 5.- Julio Cesar Domínguez, 6.- Patricio Araujo, 7.- Pablo Barrera (22.- Juan Carlos Silva 82’), 8.- Jorge Hernández (13.- Sergio Ávila 45’), 9.- Santiago Fernández (17.- Luis Ángel Landín 45’), 10.- Cesar Villaluz (16.- Omar Arellano 70’), 11.- Edgar Andrade (20.- Enrique Esqueda 70’).

Even without Guillermo Ochoa, it's a pretty good lineup. And of course Carlos Vela and Giovani Dos Santos weren't around. Cesar Villaluz scored a goal. That guy is one to watch for sure. I mean, Vela and Gio will be good but don't count out Villaluz. He's nails.

Anyway, getting back to Edgar, I believe that's three games he's now played in for El Tri. And he's a left-sided player.

Yank abroad or not, he's property of El Tri.

ADD: Here's Chile's lineup. Mexico won 2-0.

1.- Gregory Morales, 2.- Marco Biskupovic, 3.- Bastián Arce, 4.- Bruno Romo, 5.- Rafael Caroca, 6.- Charles Aránguiz (14.- Alexis Gutiérrez 89’), 7.- Braulio Baeza (15.- Jorge Gálvez 75’), 8.- Esteban Sáez, 9.- Mauricio Gómez, 10.- Joan Muñoz (16.- Robert Méndez 86’), 11.- Boris Sagredo.


Anonymous said...

what was chile's line up? were fernandez, sanchez, vidangossy and vidal around?

papa bear said...

not a yank abroad. I don't care what the actual citizenship of a person is I only care what their soccer citizenship is since that's what we are talking about. He chose Mexico. No longer American. Same as Rossi.
Best of luck, Edgar (except when you play the US ;) )

The Hammer said...

Yeah, once they play for the national team, they can't be considred "yanks" abroad.

There's a bunch of these guys in Mexico already though, a lot of them popped up in the last 2 seasons.

San Luis has Michael Orozco, Pachuca has Francisco Torres, Chivas has that Padilla kid, etc. etc. etc.

Those could potentially be convinced to play for America, largely because it depends on personal loyalties. If you've played for the MNT though beyond the U-20 team, I'd say that's it.

Anonymous said...

Luis we are also missing Guardado!

Martin said...

Gustavo Figueroa was born in Santa Ana, California and returned to his parents' native Ecuador when he was a child and eventually became a professional soccer player (he's a forward). He played a couple of games for Ecuador's national team pre World Cup 2006 and FC Dallas were looking at him several years ago. Currently Figueroa is a reserve with Deportivo Cuenca an Ecuadorian club competing in the Copa Libertadores. Figueroa like Edgar Castillo is a US citizen and even if ineligible for the US national team they are "Yanks Abroad" in my book.

Martin said...

anonymous asked,

"what was chile's line up? were fernandez, sanchez, vidangossy and vidal around?"

No, Chile used a team they will send to the Toulon U-20 tournament this summer in France. It didn't even include any of their star players from their 2007 U-20 semifinalist team.