Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Trouble for Nkong

Alain Nkong was on top of the world last week after scoring the match-winner in Cameroon's 1-0 semifinal win over Ghana in the African Nations Cup.

Now, he may be looking for an attorney.

Nkong was a no-show in Cancun as he was supposed to have reported back to Atlante following the ANC, which for Nkong ended in a 1-0 loss to Egypt on Sunday. Nkong, though, was not heading back to Atlante's first club. The defending Mexican league champs wanted to send Nkong to Leon of the second division but Nkong apparently felt he deserved better.

Atlante filed a complaint against Nkong, according to this story. They've taken some recourse and gotten the FMF involved. Atlante officials, though, said they would be open to talking to Nkong to come to an agreement.

Nkong landed a spot on Atlante before the start of the Apertura 2007 season and helped Atlante win a championship. After he was selected for Cameroon's ANC squad, Atlante dropped Nkong and wanted to ship him to the second division, but Nkong said no and now the club is apparently trying to force its will.

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elrene said...

Team administrators are capable of doing some pretty ridiculous stuff, but this one has to definitely take the cake. Punish the player for being selected to his national team by sending him on loan? The player has a right to decline the loan, even to an affiliate, right?

I hope the judicial system works in Nkong's favor. Even if he wins, though, I think he should probably try to get out of his contract and find a new club. He's had success with Atlante, obviously, but he's not valued much by the club's administrators. It's better to go to a club where he will be appreciated and will be congratulated for being called to his national team.