Monday, February 11, 2008

Scenes of joy

Snippets of the celebrations across Cairo after Egypt won their confederation championship. Similar scenes played out in Chicago last year after the U.S. won... oh wait, no they didn't.


laurie said...

This was one of the most entertaining tournaments I've ever seen. It's criminal that it's not available on TV here.

Anonymous said...

I agree its amazing how small minded Gol Tv, FSC, and ESPN can be. Its understandable that they wouldn't cover the first year of the Superliga, but I've seen reports that estimated that over 1 billion were watching the ACN final. You would think our 3 main soccer providers would get a clue and join in.

JT (Chicago) said...

Luis, there were scenes of joy in Chicago yesterday as well. It was great to see on a frigid day how fans of countries from different regions acknowledged Egyptian fans who were tooting their horns and waving their flags in celebration of the triumph.