Thursday, February 14, 2008

Sad end

Nobody wants to go out like this, and if it truly is the end of his days it will be a depressing end to a great career.

Ronaldo tore a tendon in his knee during an Italian league match with AC Milan on Wednesday and was carried off the field in tears. In 2002, he redeemed himself for his 1998 failures, having won the World Cup that eluded him. Ronaldo won a pair of World Cups and scored plenty of goals along the way.
Ronaldo's injury, though, is likely the end even if he does return. The way he played and his moves and agility, there's no way a rehabilitated knee could withstand that.

I was lucky enough to see him play in the World Cup, twice actually, in 2002. I was at U.S.-Brazil in 2001 (a friendly at the Rose Bowl) but can't remember if he played. Ronaldinho played, I believe. I was also at Real Madrid-Galaxy in 2005, and I know for sure that he did not play. In fact, his absence was a bit strange. Oh well. There were plenty of other stars there that day.

It's too bad, though, that we didn't get to see him in MLS. I never really thought it would happen, just figured he'd have too much interest in playing in Europe to keep him there. But it would have brought added exposure to the league and given us another star player to watch week in and week out.

And, who knows, it may have prolonged his career.


Anonymous said...

LB. How do you know this is the end for Ronaldo?

Just curious, yet you write his obituary. Please provide medical proof and less speculation.


Tom said...

I was at that game in The Rose Bowl and he did not play, I was bummed. I always hoped he would come here as well. I don't think he ever received the praise he deserves and I think that is partly due to injuries. If anyone has a link to the Nike commercial from 98 when he won WPOY w/Inter and could post it; that would be appreciated. It's greatest moves ever!

To Anon, I think it's safe to say he's done. At least at a big time level. He's 31 and now going through the same serious injury for the 3rd time.

Joseph D'Hippolito said...

l.b., why should Ronaldo's injury stop the Galaxy from signing him in a couple of years? Sure, they've essentially got three DP's right now but Donovan probably will be gone after this year and Ruiz will be gone after 2010.

Besides, l.b., we all know that Leiweke et al are only in it for the money. A Becks-and-Ronaldo pony show will draw lots of people to friendlies in Australia and Canada, and will sell a lot of jerseys.

Of course, the Galaxy will be the laughing stock of MLS by then, but Leiweke and the AEG suits don't care, just like they don't care that the Kings are the laughing stock of the NHL.