Monday, February 4, 2008

Right - finally

When Raphael Wicky trained last year with Chivas USA, it seemed everything was moving swimmingly - he liked the club, they liked him. I wrote then that he was coming to the team because it seemed it would happen.

Except it didn't.

Until now. Wicky comes on board as the team's latest international player - but not a DP. Chivas sold their DP spot to New York, remember?

That also caused me to remember what Wicky said about Benny Feilhaber at the time - that he needed to be somewhere where he could play. Problem is, it's still not really happening at Derby.


Anonymous said...

Did anything come from Cue's meeting with Chivas exec's in Mexico?

Wicky is a defensive mid right?


Feilhaber needs to come to Chivas ASAP. His style of play is not really suited ofr the BPL. Short passing and holding the midfield line in this level of play would only boost his value.

Just my honest opinion.

Chivade LA said...

I think he brought back some Don Julio and Mana t-shirts.