Monday, February 4, 2008

No sign of Cubans

Lester More and Osvaldo Alonso aren't part of Chivas USA any more. The two were not among the players in camp on Monday nor are they expected to join camp at any point.

More and Alonso made headlines a year ago when they defected during the Gold Cup and it seemed a natural fit for both after countryman Maykel Galindo had succeeded with Chivas USA.

More and Alonso trained with Chivas USA for the latter part of 2007 but won't be back with the club.


Shawn Hunter said...

Too bad. Time to move on, I guess. There's always the guys from the Fresno Fuego and Sueno 2008.

Since Suzuki's trying out, why not invite one those Iraqis from the Asian Cup or some of Africans playing in African Cup?

Talk about selling the Chivas Global brand.

Oops, I think Sergio and Anotnio are coming. Gotta stop.

Anonymous said...

Can you give us more info on this? What happened?

L.B. said...

When i do, I'll let you guys know.

It was my understanding that the team would have them both back at the start of preseason as invitees but that obviously didn't work out.

I don't think they were ever too high on More but Alonso had skills.

Anonymous said...

I am sure we might see Alonso soon, if not can anyone say maybe San Jose. Well the best for him.