Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Going both ways

In Spanish this time.


man-from-michigan said...

I'm going to tell you why Hugo Sanchez called up Sinha:

Hugo has hinted at wanting Leandro from Pumas into the MNT. In order for him to justify that, since Leandro is also born in Brazil and would be naturalized, he had to call one of the players that were naturalized, Sinha or Guille. Sinha was more accessible and therefore called him up. Hugo is an arrogant person and only cares about his image. He will do whatever it takes to make himself look good, and this is one way of doing it. He is trying to justify his future actions.

I for one am very happy that Lavolpe has said that the coach needed everyones backup and not all the critisism. Did Lavolpe make mistakes, yes, but with all the negativity, who wouldn't? I am a MNT supporter and I hope we beat the US today. And Hugo if you read this, I will be watching you!


alejandro said...

I also feel that there isn't enough outcry about the hypocrisy over naturalized players playing for Mexico. Hugo blasted away at LaVolpe time and again, totally unprofessional actions at the time. This was conduct unbecoming the office of National Team Manager. Hugo was not overly criticized by the press because of his reputation.

Now the about face.

Outcry I say, outcry. Apologize to LaVolpe, Hugo! He didn't deserve the rants, and criticizing the inclusion of Naturalized players is a kind of discrimination that sets a terrible example.

I'm watching you too, Hugo, but it's because I hope the Ghost of Past Mistakes comes to terrify you into being a better person.