Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Goats gear up

A preseason look at Chivas USA.

As inevitably happens in articles, editing changes things slightly, and I didn't write the last line in this piece. I don't think it's really possible to turn the spotlight off the Galaxy - not as long as David Beckham is on board. It's simply not going to happen. But can Chivas USA steal at least some of the limelight? That's a far more valid possibility.


Al Sefati said...

why does everyone in MLS cares so much about getting fan to the stadiums?

i know you can make more money that way but i believe in the long run, teams who are getting results are the one that are gonna be in business.

galaxy are wasting their money with beckham. they could have gotten more people such as better strikers, midfielder, defenders and better second goalkeeper with that money they are paying him.

the biggest mistake Newyork Cosmos made was to bring all these super stars and made the league unbalanced. It seems that Galaxy is trying that again and that could be bad for MLS.

The Beckhamization of MLS is a temporary money making movement that won't last.

I suggest Chivas USA fans drive their team to improve quality of the team as a whole rather than just bringing an overpaid player who is gonna be on the sidelines just for sake of attracting a few fans to the stadium.

A.C. said...

People care about fans because teams need to make money to survive. The Galaxy may not have won much last year, but they made a lot of money.

The Hammer said...

1. To answer your opening question: Because that's American culture. Talk to the GMs of every sports team in America, putting "butts in the seats" is huge in America.

2. Galaxy are not wasting their money, it's either the league's money that's being wasted or AEG's. In the current structure, Galaxy's not really paying salaries just yet. MLS takes care of that. Having said that, if you're going to make the argument that they're wasting their cap space. Possibly, but Beckham hasn't even been here a whole year yet, lets not jump the gun. Beside, he's helping out in other areas [see point #1]

3. New York Cosmos didn't make any mistakes, actually. They were quite successful. The fall of NASL was due to overexpansion, and inadequate/non-existent youth sides. MLS has both of those areas covered.

4. I disagree, I think in the end it'll help raise the league's profile by attracting better players. Keep an eye out on South America's footballer factories. DC United and a couple of other teams have started going shopping there. Those are players that would've never agreed to come if it weren't for Beckham.

5. Chivas USA fans can't drive their team to do anything, because Chivas USA fans are nonexistent. LA Times Poll: Q: Of all the sports teams in LA, which would you want to see leave and never return? A: Chivas USA.

When you're 2nd to last in attendance, next to a Kansas City that has openly admitted they've invested all their attention in getting a stadium built and have completely neglected marketing and ticket sales, that tells you something. Especially when your team is in the biggest market for soccer in the nation.

Just sayin'

Anonymous said...

MChammer you are a ignorant moron! Only a galaxy fan like yourself can try to attack Chivas USA by comparing attendance and pointless polls. Yet you still can't find a excuse for lalacakes and the embarrassment of MLS by the galaxy when they play pointless tournaments they don't earn.

Anonymous said...

As soon as Chivas USA sign a big name player all journalists will point their pens to Chivas...It's not as if all of the Galaxy attention is well deserved. Please, Beckham is just another way to get a paycheck for obscure sports journalists like Bueno and Canales (no offense). Wait till Chivas USA lands a Bofo or Blanco. They will not get enough.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Well until I guess we want see CUSA land a Blanco and Bofo until that DP slot they so smartly traded reverts back if it ever or somebody else is stupid enough to trade their DP slot. Honestyly I'm a Chivas USA follower but that one was just dumb especially when you know you need to a big name player to attract attention to your club.