Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Gio's time has come

He'd like to end the U.S. run.

Talk about how important it is for Mexico to have more European players to face the United States, since they have so many players in Europe.
I think it’s important for our team, to have players developing at that level. For Mexico, it’s important to be able to count on quality players. Everybody has been working very hard and I think that’s good for the team.
A big threat from the U.S. is set pieces, don’t you think?
For the little bit I’ve seen, I think Mexico is solid when defending set pieces. In a game, a lot can happen. I do think that for the U.S., a set piece is a weapon that they put into practice during a game. We have to defend well and concentrate throughout the game.
What does Mexico have to do to beat the U.S.?
We need to defend well and worry about our own game. I think we have great players who are in good form. If we concentrate on our work, we’ll do well.
It’s your first US/Mexico game, your first classico with the senior match with the team, and Mexico hasn’t been successful in those lately.
Yes, well, the truth is that that it’s been hard for Mexico, because we should win. It’s a game that for years has been complicated with losses, and now I think it’s a good time to change that.


Anonymous said...

"complicated by losses" is an interesting way to put it.

Kevin said...

THey have a hard time accepting being second on the continent.

papa bear said...

ahhh...Gio the latest overrated underperforming Mexican player who, despite a string of results showing otherwise, believes Mexico is the superior team that 'should' be winning.
Losing 1 or 2 fluke losses is one thing, dropping 8-0-2 and being '0-fer the century' including a thorough beating in a WC match is a bit more indicative of a team that is, at worst, as good as Mexico.
Seriously, Mexican fans and players just sound dumb when they say that sort of stuff. (I even think it would be dumb for a Nats player or fan to say the US is 'clearly' better and 'should' win every game against Mexico) Like it or not folks, we are the same quality, we merely play a bit differently stylisitcally.