Monday, February 18, 2008

Galaxy guess again

1) You can’t bet against them (the MLS Cup finalists), because they’re always there. I know Houston’s going to struggle offensively. They need to find some sort of forwards, somehow, but they’re always a good team and it's the same with New England. How much Pat hurts them, I don’t know, and Andy Dorman. We’ll find out. Change is bound to happen after a while, especially in this league. You can’t go on keeping guys who are that good forever.

2) People always look back to the golden age of the Galaxy and while I was a part of it, I’m almost tired of hearing about it, because I think the team can do better.

3) It’s the team that many players want to play for and it’s a place that many people want to live. There’s always going to be that certain amount of pressure, playing for the Galaxy, but we need to do something this season. We need to win something and get into the playoffs. Last season was disappointing.

4) With young rookies, you can always tell the ones who are going to make it by their demeanor off the field, in addition to what they can do on it. They show an ability to adapt in the team, but off the field, they also show that sort of – it’s not reverence, but respect, and wanting to learn from the veterans. In that sense, those are guys that are going to stick around for a while and succeed in this league.

5) For the guys who have been around for all the coaching changes – there’s not many - I think we’ve seen a wide variety of what’s out there. I think that those guys are able to adapt a lot better. With that said, it hasn’t helped our results and it hasn’t helped us make the playoffs. But I think we’re ready to accomplish something. We have the players and the staff to do that.


Anonymous said...

my guess is Cobi, however it might be Pete.

A.C. said...

The quotes are all from different Galaxy players - Cobi isn't one of them. Pete is one of those quotes, though.

Misareaux said...

Two has to be Vagenas. He's the only guy who has been around since the first championship.

A.C. said...

That's right, misareaux! #2 is Pete.

Misareaux said...

AC, What do you think really signaled the end of the Galaxy's golden age mentioned by Pete, the firing of Sigi while the Galaxy were still in first, or the death of Doug Hamilton right before the 2006 season started?

A.C. said...

I think the golden age is pretty subjective - so deciding when it began or ended is an individual perspective as well.

Anonymous said...

Here's my guesses:

1. LD
2. Pete
3. Kyle Martino
4. Chris Klein
5. Steve Cronin


A.C. said...

Oooh, Laura, you are good. Only one of your guesses is off.

L.B. said...

misareaux, I'll give you my opinion. I think it ended around the time of Doug Hamilton's passing. That was a sad moment for everyone, really, but it also led to the team being dismantled and torn apart. And also the focus of the club changed somewhat. I don't think we'd have the same sort of team today that we would have had Doug still been around.

It's hard to say if we'd still be in the golden era, though, because those sorts of things go through cycles anyway. And let's be honest it wasn't exactly peachy keen in '05 either, despite the championships.

But they still got the hardware, something they don't have a sniff of these days.

A.C. said...

Although, the Galaxy are reigning Minnesota Cup champs, no? ;)

Anonymous said...

That one title aside (And it was won despite the team really not playing all that well) I'd say the team has never really turned the page from Cienfuegos retirement.

We've never played as well since he's been gone.

Joseph D'Hippolito said...

Anonymous' last comment was right. I don't buy that Hamilton was all that great as a GM here (as opposed to Miami); after all, he was the one who fired Sigi in 2004 when the team led the Western Conference because it wasn't playing "attractive soccer" (as if it does now, but that's another story). Of course, he had his orders from Leiweke, who is the real culprit.