Monday, February 4, 2008

First day with Chivas

It was nice to see the guys again. I got a chance to say hello and talk to Ante Razov, Jonathan Bornstein and Jesse Marsch as well as Preki. The team had a lot of new faces and, well, a lot of faces in general. Before I start writing my Press-Enterprise story on the opening of camps, just wanted to get out quickly what struck me the most from Chivas' first day (I did make it to the Galaxy camp and got some stuff from them so that's coming).

- Jose Cardozo was a no show. Preki said he didn't know what happened. He said he was expecting Cardozo to arrive over the weekend and be at training this morning. Preki said he hoped Cardozo would be there on Tuesday or Wednesday.

- Raphael Wicky was there and as Andrea mentioned he's official now.

- Takayuki Suzuki was there too. He's on a trial, unlike Wicky. He scored a goal in the 2002 World Cup for Japan. He was last with Yokohama Marinos, and he's a forward.

- I wanted to talk to Alecko Eskandarian but he slipped by when I was chatting with Razov. Alecko's hair is longer than it has been so I had a hard time finding him during the training session. Plus I kept looking for the guy with the headgear but he didn't have it on.

- Aside from Brad Guzan, there are no goalkeepers on the roster. None of the goalies out there are there because they have a contract.


Anonymous said...

Hi Luis (and Andrea),

I love your blog and appreciate all the hard work you two put into it. :-)

QUESTION: Whatever happened to the two Cuban defectors (Osvaldo Alonso and Lester Moré) who had trials with Chivas USA last year? I was wondering if they are currently in the 2008 pre-season camp.

Richard, a big Sideline Views fan

Joseph D'Hippolito said...

Will somebody please tell me why Chivas USA never signed another goalkeeper after trading Preston Burpo -- especially since the club probably anticipated that Guzan would attract overseas interest? Is Alexi Lalas splitting time with Chivas USA, now?

Anonymous said...

Any new coaches for Chivas?