Saturday, February 16, 2008

Email from Africa

Usually I just get the regular email scams, but this one was a bit more soccer-specific, though I'm obviously not an agent. Looking at the pictures that were sent, I couldn't help but think of all the youth soccer practices I've seen in the United States where every player has a practice uniform and the fields are perfectly green grass. But there or in the favelas of Brazil, or in Africa, Asia or anywhere soccer is played, the love of the game continues.

Dear player's agent
i'am a soccer coach in AFRICA precisly in cote d'ivoire ,in my team i have many groups
U8-10 ,U11-13, U14-16 and U18+.
To day i have many good and experient players in U18+ category,i'm ready to dispos all players for tranfer .
if you are interessed and need picture , cv or an others information of players please reply
this message


Anonymous said...

of corse the love of the game is there aswell and thankfully so, sadly the greedy human trafficking player agents aswell.

I work in the Swiss FA player registrations and transfer department and we regulary get such emails.

The worst we received so far had players listed on a auction site (it wasn't ebay and it got pulled out afterwards for guideline violation).

In the product descpiption it was written "the next Drogba etc and if they're not good for your team, they can do the housework for you" !

Sometimes they put them even up for sale on auction sites "buy half a team" ads...

Anonymous said...

Did you sign anyone Luis?

A.C. said...

I got the email, not Luis, so I'm not sure what your implication is.

A.C. said...

Ben, the situation you describe is a little scary. Though MLS has rightly been criticized for not bringing in more players from Africa, sometimes i wonder if coaches around the league shy away from scouting there because they have no way of trusting some of these unscrupulous player agents.

L.B. said...

I signed two talents:

- one is a four-year-old girl who could be the next big thing in the world of ballet/princesses. I'm shipping her off to school in the fall.

- the other is a two-year-old who is tenacious and fearless, well, fearless of pain. We're still working to overcome her fear of roller coasters, tea cups and spiders.

I quit signing players though while I was ahead.