Friday, February 1, 2008

El Tri's roster

Here is Mexico's full roster for next week's game against the United States:

> Goalies: Luis Michel (Guadalajara), Moises Munoz (Morelia), Guillermo Ochoa (America).

> Defenders: Israel Castro (Pumas), Jonny Magallon (Guadalajara), Rafael Marquez (Barcelona), Fausto Pinto (Pachuca), Oscar Rojas (America), Carlos Salcido (PSV).

> Midfielders: Fernando Arce (Santos), Andres Guardado (Deportivo), Antonio Naelson (Toluca), Pavel Pardo (Stuttgart), Gerardo Torrado (Cruz Azul).

> Forwards: Adolfo Bautista (Jaguares), Juan Carlos Cacho (Pachuca), Giovanni Dos Santos (Barcelona), Antonio de Nigris (Ankaraspor), Carlos Vela (Osasuna).

I'm a bit surprised to see Bofo Bautista on the list. I'd seen him as more of a part of the old regime, along with guys like Omar Bravo, Kikin Fonseca and Jared Borgetti and not so much a Hugo guy. I honestly don't know how useful he is at this stage. Antonio De Nigris is a bit of a surprise too if only because he hasn't gotten a sniff of the team in quite some time. De Nigris scored one of Mexico's best goals in a while in 2001 against Brazil but hasn't anything since. Well, he went on a world tour and has played in Spain, Colombia, Mexico, Brazil and Turkey since

Overall, this is a good roster. It's got experience and youth, talent at every position and players who have done well under Sanchez. Yeah, there's no Nery Castillo, but there are still plenty of options available.


CACuzcatlan said...

What about the other Stuttgart player? I forget his name.

We (US NT) are lucky that Castillo is injured right now. He was looking really good against us in the Gold Cup final

eastlachiva said...

This team is loaded. Mexico should at least tie with this talent.

Having said that, USA 2 Mexico 1

Estados Unidos!! Por vida!!

man-from-michigan said...

His name is Osorio and he is also injured. SI SE PUEDE!!! VAMOS MEXICO!!!


Anonymous said...

The back line looks a little vulnerable to set-pieces. Tallest guy is Marquez at 6ft.

Lots of firepower up front, this game is all about Denigris. Could he be the tall athletic sriker to replace ancient Borgetti.


JT (Chicago) said...

Seven European based players. Very interesting. Hugo said he wanted players to test themselves abroad.

Bofo is off to a good start. Looks like Hugo wants to give him another chance to shine.