Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Deep and talented

How deep is Chivas USA? The team they sent out against New York today, the first-half team anyway, was a decent one. And that team wasn't full strength. Not by a long shot. All you have to do is compare teams to see how good this club can be.

Tuesday's first-half squad: Brad Guzan; Jorge Flores, Claudio Suarez, Jim Curtin, Alex Zotinca; John Cunliffe, Jesse Marsch, Marko Murlin, Sacha Kljestan; Ante Razov, Atiba Harris.

The players who were not available for the game: (okay, no decent goalie to call in but...) Sam Reynolds; Jonathan Bornstein, Shavar Thomas, Bobby Burling, Lawson Vaughn; Francisco Mendoza, Paulo Nagamura, Raphael Wicky, Anthony Hamilton; Alecko Eskandarian, Maykel Galindo.

There is some notable dropoff in a few positions but this team has close to an embarrassment of riches.

Shavar Thomas, by the way, is stuck in Jamaica. He's trying to get a visa to get his way back into the United States.


J.C. said...


Marko Murlin? Is that your way of calling French defender/midfielder Marko MUSLIN (#99) a Larent Merlin copycat?

If it is, that's pretty funny.

-- Jaime

papa bear said...

I'm not a Chivas USA a but now that I am living in LA and see the LA MLS teams more, they impress me.
It's baffling to me that people pick everyone BUT them to be contenders in the West. I can't imagine them not winning the conference if they remain relatively healthy. Dynamo was decimated a bit up top and Chivas USA looks every bit as strong.
As long as we don't get another Houston v. Revs final I'll be at least 20% happier in my life.


People would rather see us play somewhere else than here. In the meantime, we've made the playoffs the last two years, despite not having a Donovan or Beckham type.

Oh well, haters beware.

Anonymous said...

and we are a young team. 08 will be our 4 season.

JT (Chicago) said...

Looks like the Fire alumni squad is growing there with the addition of Curtain to Marsch, Razov and Guzan (reserve Fire). Want to add Chad Barrett to the list?