Friday, February 1, 2008

Back of the Net

Got an invite from Andrew Dixon of the Black Athlete Sports Radio Network. Dixon hosts a show called Back of the Net and I'm slated to be on tomorrow sometime in the 7 p.m. PT hour.

Andrew was worried that I'd actually have something going on Saturday night but since I have two kids, my social life is nonexistent.

I'm looking forward to it, as the topic will be U.S.-Mexico. I'm supposed to be on for 15-20 minutes and might even take some phone calls. I've done radio shows in the past before and they're always interesting. I generally have fun, even though I usually get a bit nervous. But once I'm on and we start talking soccer, I forget all about my nerves.

The show, Andrew explained to me, is geared toward introducing the Black Community to the game. And I'm all for opening the world of soccer up to people who have yet to experience it, regardless of ethnicity or gender or age or whatever.

So check it out.


elrene said...

what radio station should i tune into?

JT (Chicago) said...

Try this link:

There's a listen live button on the page. Sounds like an interesting show.

LB, you always sounded great when you were on CSRN's Around the League show. I'm sure you'll be great on this one too.

Unfortunately, I won't be able to call the show to pose a question. Enjoy.