Thursday, February 21, 2008

And then there were more

Many Chivas fans have tried to downplay the Jesus Padilla story and feel sympathy toward the youngster. After all, Chivas have portrayed him as a victim of circumstance and that he truly is 100 percent Mexican.

If you believe that story and you think this particular case is a non-issue, I suppose that's your prerogative.

But Padilla is not the only American-born player in Chivas' system. I learned earlier tonight from a source in Guadalajara that there is indeed another American-born player within their ranks. This player, well, you'd have a difficult time trying to convince many that he's more Mexican than cactus.

We'll let Mural break the story so you'll have to check back tomorrow for this somewhat familiar name.

And then come back and let us know if you think this new one is a non-story too.


Anonymous said...

Let it go. It's Chivas Guad and their fans problem now. You seems like u have a grudge now. Sheesh.

The Hammer said...

Again, good job Luis and Andrea.

This is starting to create some buzz in Jalisco.

CACuzcatlan said...

Yeah A.C. and L.B., you must hate Chivas since you insist on doing your jobs as sports journalists to uncover hypocrisy and lies from the most popular and racist/nationalist club in Mexico.

I can't wait to hear whose next. Do you guys know if this story has taken hold in Mexico or with the Spanish media here in the U.S.? I haven't been keeping up either.

Anonymous, what's your problem? What do you have at stake here?

L.B. said...

My source in Guadalajara told me earlier today that the story is all the buzz down there. He told me yesterday that I had just uncovered the next great scandal in Mexican soccer but I thought he was just blowing smoke up my ass.

Guess not!

I'm going to watch Contacto Deportivo as well as the SoCal Spanish-language sports reports tonight to see what they have to say. I'll let you know what I see.

Eugene said...

I take it this scandal has legs because Jesus Padilla is either a popular player or a top prospect at Chivas. Is that true? Luis, can you put into context how Padilla was viewed by Chivas fans prior to your story breaking?

L.B. said...

Eugene, he was pretty much the same as other good Chivas prospects. Many felt he had a bright future and that it would be a matter of time before he broke through. His California background was a non-issue because he was (supposedly) born in Mexico.