Tuesday, March 6, 2007

The possibilities are unlimited

The technology might have been around for a while but I'm finally catching up to the times. Now, with this trusty blog and some help from YouTube, I will be able to carry my manifesto to spread the love of soccer and MLS around the world.

I have successfully published a video that I shot on my own right here for the world to see. I can't imagine what sorts of things I will be able to shoot that won't be available anywhere else. In the past month or two alone, I have shot pictures of Mexican teams' training sessions, USMNT and US U-23 training sessions, US-Mexico, US-Denmark, Mexico-Venezuela, Galaxy training sessions, Chivas training sessions, scrimmages, high school games.

Okay, maybe not too many people care about the high school games...

Still, to think i had the chance to shoot video (albeit of the amateur, grainy sort) of all those things....

Feel free to submit a request to what I can shoot and if I can swing it, I'll gladly try to oblige so long as you promise to help spread my soccer/MLS manifesto.

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