Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Bilingual Boost

Yesterday our blog got a lot of traffic because of my little translation of a Ecuadorian article. Jonah, Luis' SI editor, even sent me a nice email thanking me for that.
It's something of a tradition for Luis and I to look for those stories, especially since he tipped me off to mediotiempo.com and I was already reading MARCA and elpais.es regularly. I love that MARCA runs video of the Real Madrid pressers sometimes. I can listen to a Capello quote right off the web and translate it here.
We're on our computers a lot looking for stuff. Sometimes it's not even in Spanish - I remember when I found a link from Australia to an article where someone from their federation had met with Jurgen Klinsmann about coaching their national team.
No one, and no secondary site, linked me to the Ecuador article, or the Christian Gomez piece I found last night. Luis hunted down his Guatemala article the same way. Frankly, we don't translate more stuff because a lot of times it's not out there - a lot of outlets will ignore MLS. But they can't do that right now because there's too much interaction, especially in the Champions' Cup.

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