Monday, March 26, 2007

The MVP speaks

Christian Gomez, the MVP of Major League Soccer last season, is trying to lead his squad, DC United, to international glory versus Chivas Guadalajara in the CONCACAF Champion's Cup. I translated most of his quotes from an interview he gave while in Mexico, where the final leg of the home and away series is being played. The teams tied, 1-1 in DC.

On the team's attitude for the game:
“We’re coming to face Chivas as if it’s a final, because we understand the reality and the gamesmanship that their team brings. We’re going to try to play the way that we can and game to game, we’ve been finding our rhythm."

On where they stand:
"We’re even with them right now, and they have to win to get to the final, just like we have to beat them. So we don’t have to be desperate. They’re definitely going to pressure us and we have to be smart, move the ball around well, although we didn’t do that so well in Washington. That was the determining factor in limiting our goal chances. For that reason, we really have to finish any chances we create."

On the atmosphere created by fervent Chivas fans:
"It’s going to be an amazing experience. There’s going to be a lot of people supporting Chivas and we are used to playing in those types of games. We played in Chile in front of a full stadium and we’ve played various international games. Besides, we have players who are at an internacional level who really shine in games like this.”

For some reason, the article gave him two nicknames, Gomito, which I'd heard before, and Peligro - which was news to me. It means "Danger". Granted, I'm based on the opposite coast, but I'm not sure that's what DC fans call their guy. Christian "Danger" Gomez?


Anonymous said...

We DC United fans and supporters don't call him Danger but other fans throughout the league do.

Oscar M. said...

If anyone, we'd call Erpen "peligro"

A.C. said...

Perhaps the writer saw Gomez play and gave him the nickname as a way to warn Chivas about him a little.

Erpen, eek - although his shot on goal in the All-Star game led to my favorite moment, Eddie Robinson's save off the line that was incredible.

Anonymous said...

Peligro is his middle name...
no really.