Tuesday, March 13, 2007


When I write for SI.com, I write the stories. I don't take the pictures, post them on the page, write the headlines or do any of that stuff.

So I didn't say it was Brian Carroll on that picture instead of Bobby Boswell, or whoever it might have been in the actual picture. I hadn't even looked at the story online until I got a few of those e-mails.

But thank you for pointing that out to me. I would ask those who did to be so kind next time and drop the insults and name-calling as well.



Mike said...

you're going to ask them to stop the name-calling and then sign off with "*#!@-ers"? nice. it's like you've never been online before. that sort of thing only earns you more scorn in the future - and makes it look more deserved.

A.C. said...

Apparently the sarcasm is lost on some. But seriously, with the way people jump on small stuff sometimes - I got ripped for a headline once (and the writers don't even write the headlines) it really seems like there are some jerks out there reading everything just looking for something to catch so they can pull out all the insults they've been saving up because they don't like your opinions. I remember once I got a nice email from Andy Mead complimenting me on an article, but also mentioning that the photo with the piece was miscredited. I wrote my editor and he fixed it. No insult war necessary.

Mike said...

Exasperation, maybe, but there's no sarcasm anywhere in that post.

And regardless, the point was that if you're in the business of posting online - which you two clearly and prolifically are - then you know that only the big and the blaring (i.e. epithets, even censored ones) reads through. Subtleties, sarcasm for instance, don't often translate, even when they're well conveyed or, for that matter, intended.

It would be nice if people didn't hound you for your mistakes, especially the ones that aren't your own. But if this medium wasn't what it is, you wouldn't be reaching all your precious far-flung readers. It's open to everyone.

L.B. said...

Yeah, I can take criticism but it's the comments like "fat dumb shit" that are really unnecessary. I realize sarcasm does not carry over well so I try and keep it to a minimum but it's stuff like that that just digs on you, nevermind that I've dropped close to 70 pounds since I took that picture but whatever.