Thursday, March 15, 2007

More Bradley

I think every time I've gone out to Home Depot Center this year, Bob Bradley has been there. Now granted, I haven't gone every single day or even close to that but I was out on Wednesday and last Saturday and he was there both days, and he was there right after the US-Mexico game and another time I went there for something a few weeks ago he was there.

I thought when he took the job I wouldn't see him that much but he did move his family out here to some beach city and well it figures then that he would spend a lot of time at the office.

I have actually seen him smile. I can say that much. I might even have a picture of that. He's actually a great person to talk to because he'll talk to you and not try to avoid you or feed you some garbage line. At press conferences he doesn't really say a whole lot (at least not after the Denmark or Mexico games) and he does choose his words wisely but I always enjoy talking to Bob.

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