Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Joke gone bad

that the coming of David Beckham did not in any way affect his decision to play for one more year.

The timing was too good for Tim Leiweke, though, who couldn't resist making a joke about it as he started his Cobi commemorative speech. It went like this:

"A couple of months ago, Cobi and I had a chance to catch up and have lunch. We sit down, and Cobi says, 'I have to tell you something – I’m going to retire.'”
"I said, 'That’s too bad – because I think we’ve got David Beckham coming in.''
"And Cobi said, 'At the end of this next season.'"

It was good for a laugh at the conference, but it was apparently taken seriously by a few news outlets, and then it was printed as fact around the world that Cobi Jones stayed on just to play with David Beckham.

Well, that's not the true story, but that's what happens when some don't get the joke.

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