Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Gooch and LD

Well, the press conference call just finished. Luis is right, those are kind of bogus because you have to wait so long to ask a question, then U.S. Soccer puts up a podcast so none of the answers are exclusive to the reporters who actually waited around and asked questions.

At one point, though, US interim national team coach Bob Bradley was asked something about where did he think U.S. players should go to develop - abroad or MLS. After Bob answered, the moderator tossed the question to Oguchi Onyewu, who was also in on the call, for a player perspective.

Gooch talked a little about his dream to play in Europe. Then he mentioned a former fellow U17 squad national teammate

"Other players, such as - just to throw out a name - Landon Donovan, who has thrived in MLS. . ."

LD is the current poster boy for top-quality players who choose to play domestically. But Cobi Jones, Tab Ramos and others made that choice years ago when they could have played elsewhere. If they hadn't, there probably be no league in the U.S. today to even allow that option for the new talent.

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