Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Cobi thanks his family

"I want to say thank-you to my family and my friends. They’ve been there from day one, all my brothers coming out, my cousins coming out to the Rose Bowl every game, cooking in the parking lot. I want to thank my mom and dad, because they trucked me around every weekend, going to different tournaments and different games and they supported me all the time in everything I wanted to do within soccer and without soccer. As everybody here knows, they’re here every game. And I’m sure the Galaxy staff all knows my parents pretty well. They’re calling on the phone or up in the Stadium Club, having a good time. I want to thank them for everything. A lot of people might want to dedicate this last season to their parents, but I actually want to dedicate my career to my mom and my dad, because they’re the ones who supported me all this time."

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