Monday, March 5, 2007

There's hope

When I covered the Temecula Valley-Redlands East Valley girls soccer final on Saturday, there were other media members there. Usually, there are no other reporters covering a high school soccer game but since this was the final and, well, people care about the finals, there were some media guys out there.

Aside from my longtime friend and colleague Damian Secore, there were a pair of other writers out there. They were your typical prep sports writers, mid to late 30s, white males. I assumed they were there because it was part of their beat and didn't really care about soccer.

But was I wrong. After talking about the game and the teams, one guy started chatting to Damian about Chelsea and the Champions League and how he hates Chelsea and had laid money on them to win the CL but figured he'd win either way because he'd pay money to see them lose. The other guy said he read my stuff (aw shucks) and we talked about Galaxy, Champions League and FIFA soccer video games. He swore he didn't know much about soccer but he seemed pretty knowledgeable about the sport. He even said he was going to try and score some Euro 2008 tickets. Sweet!

So there's hope out there, from at least two guys.

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