Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Speech, speech

Luis is right, Cobi didn't get too emotional at his ceremony, but he did in fact get a bit choked up. The Galaxy put together a great video montage of Cobi through the years, and the images clearly affected him, as did getting up there and seeing so many people who meant so much to him come out to honor his career.

So when Cobi stepped up to the podium, this normally cool customer was a little verklempt.

"I didn’t think I’d get emotional like this yet, because it’s not even October yet and we haven’t raised the trophy yet, but actually, looking at the video and seeing all the years when I was actually winning headballs back in the day, you do get a little emotional. I’m kind of surprised. I didn’t think I’d be like that. With all that said and done, I want to give thanks to a few people out there that have made this all possible for me."

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sally said...

awwww!!! thanks andrea for sharing the tender moments that some of your readers (like me) love to read. it's exposing angles like this that keeps the players real and down to earth, well done.