Monday, March 19, 2007

Mighty Morocco

Mehdi Ballouchy of Real Salt Lake has the coolest hometown ever, since he was born in Casablanca. Mehdi had three assists in RSL's win over Chivas USA this past weekend, so here's looking at you kid, and at whoever stopped by to read our blog from Morocco today.

Also, Morocco beat the U.S. just before the World Cup this summer, which was part of the reason I was seriously worried for the US team even before they got to Germany.


Anonymous said...

I saw a RSL game last year and Ballouchy caught my eye. I really liked his presence on the field. Any chance that he gets a USMNT call-up? Or will Morocco beat us to the punch?

What is his citizenship status?
Where do his aliegences lie?

Marouane Afiri said...

great player. morocco has something to be proud of. his passes are REMARKABLE.