Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Down below

Yvie sat quietly while I interviewed Panchito Mendoza and jumped in on a Jonathan Bornstein chat. She also did well to wait patiently while they showered.

The rest of the starters were in yoga session (Ante Razov asked me if I wanted to do yoga with them. I declined) for an hour but Bornstein, Panchito and Maykel Galindo weren't. Along with colleague Troy Santiago, I waited for the few who weren't in the hour-long yoga session.

Yvie ate snacks and colored with her markers. Zak Abdel was kind enough to stop by and talk to Yvie. He warned her about his own 3-year-old son (seems Yvie's going to have some suitors here) and gave her a banana.

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