Tuesday, March 13, 2007


I have had the worst experience with my internet, with Charter internet. I've had ongoing problems and I thought they would have been resolved today but no. Yesterday a technician came out and couldn't fix it but he said I didn't need to be home today for them to fix it. So of course when I get home, I have a thing on my door saying Sorry We Missed You and then the #@*!* proceeds to write on the note that they have to dig a trench or some crap, the same exact thing the guy on Monday told me. WELL NO CRAP!!

I'm looking into other options. I can't get AT&T dsl out here where I live because apparently I live out in the sticks. I'm looking into Earthlink. Anyone know anything about that? I hate dial-up.

I am so infuriated right now. Argh indeed. I wish I had some big story waiting to be written, like if I had been mad yesterday I could have added some venom into the SI story just for kicks. When I'm emotional, whether it's sadness or joy or rage or whatever is when I write my best. I think one of my better columns I've written recently, maybe ever, was the US-Mexico fallout a month ago. I was angry when I wrote that, angry at the Mexican players for the same old tired crap excuses they gave. Grrrr....

I better get off this blog here before I write something I'll regret later, like that one time when I wrote that the one team that wasn't here would be like missing out and so the other team would not and then... yeah... that went well.

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Toddzilla said...

No idea what it's like in California, but I have Earthlink high-speed in Texas and it works fine. It's provided through the cable lines of Time Warner. That probably isn't much help.

Good luck...