Wednesday, July 6, 2011

WWC - Norway v Australia

Advance, Australia Fair! The Matildas will be hoping their anthem proves prophetic. Norway's anthem is more stately, but is apparently harder to sing, as their players look like they're just mumbling along.

I wish Noway was listening to Adrian Healey and Kate Markgraf intone their obituary. Great motivation to prove them wrong. 


1- Australian coach Tom Sermanni is working the Tom Skerrit look.  
2 - DeVanna stays on the ball too long and Norway knocks her down to get the ball away. Nordic practicality there.  
4 - Maybe Norway are a dead team walking. They played like zombies just there, with Australia creating all sorts of trouble in the box. However, Norway does escape eventually.  
6 - Healey mentions that Simon is the "pin-up girl" of the Australian squad. Because that's useful information.  
8 - Hjelmseth is used as an outlet by her team a lot. She's not as good with the ball at her feet as Hope Solo, though, so this strategy could backfire. 
9 - Flick on header from the pin-up girl is too soft and delicate to bother Hjelmseth. 
11 - So far, though, the Aussies look more effective and likely to score. 
14 - Kellond-Knight gives up a freekick deep and Norway nearly score on the play following the set piece. 
15 - Then a Kellond-Knight clearance in the box saves Australia again. 
16 - Corner for Norway - Australia clear and look to get the danger away. Shot over the bar.
 18 - Barbieri off her line to collect a long ball and drops it, leading to a scrum in the box, and shoving by both teams until Barbieri comes up with the ball again. Klutzy there. 
20 - Ronning is down, hurt her head going up for an air ball. 
25 - Hjelmseth is down for a while after a collision. 
33 - Norway from distance - Barbieri makes the save. 
35 - It's not elegant, but Norway have been playing better of late. 
37 - Another shot! for Norway, Australia saves. 
39 - And another! Throsnes again Barbieri has to dive for this save. 
40 - Australia threatens the other way - De Vanna forces a save of her own from Hjelmseth. 
42 - Healey gets markgraf to declare that norway have played the first half better than Norway. It's true. 
45 - Norway needs to win, however, a draw gets Australia through on goals scored. 
45 + Kim Carroll is booked and Norway get a free kick. Nothing comes of it, though. 
The first half ends scoreless with a whimper. 
Both teams seem tired. It could come down to who has the strength to score. 
46 - Skarbo is on for Hjelmseth, and and Heglund in for Haavi
47 - Australia test Skarbo from in close, but she comes up with the save!
50- Norway corner. Australia clear, but the ball is sent back in and causes problems until Australia give up a free kick not far outside their own box. Everyone misses on the header, though. 
52 - If wins are determined on the most rocking braids, Norway will get through. Then again, if that was a valid prognosticator, Equatorial Guinea would be leading Brazil. That's not happening.
54 - Norway in Australia's box again - but again fail to get a shot on frame. 
56 - GOAL! Thorsnes scores!  Australia's sleepy defense gives up a sloppy goal. Thornes dashes in on a ball near the top of the box as Barbieri hesitates, pokes it past her and has a path to goal. 
57 - GOAL! Australia striker back. Norway fail to clear the ball in their box and De Vanna nipped in and crossed well to Simon, the pin-up, who one-times it to the far post past Skarbo.
59 - The goals have opened the game up - end to end stuff.
62 - Australia have woken up and now have the better of play. Either that or Norway are still stunned that they gave up the equalizer only seconds after scoring.
67 - It's all Australia now, but they haven't scored yet.
70 - DeVanna feeds Simon again - but she pulls the shot wide of goal. 
74 - Norway with a little run of possession, but they haven't really threatened yet. 
75 - Norway earn a corner. The header is over the crossbar. 
77 - Pederson ignores an open teammate in her rush to shoot - and she puts it high and wide. 
84 - Norway with another freekick - off the crossbar! Yikes. Close call there for the Aussies.
87 - Australia with a corner of their own, and Kaya Simon scores! She jumped back into the fray as an attempted clearance was served back into the box and headed the ball in. 
90 - Norway can't answer. Australia are going to advance!
Full-time! It's done! The Matildas march on.

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