Sunday, July 17, 2011

Paraguay - Brazil Copa America Penalties.

Yes, I'm just in time for the penalties.

Elano is up first. Versus Justo Villar - and DAMN if he doesn't sky it like Carli Lloyd. "Horrible!" gasps the announcer.   
Now Brazil goalkeeper Julio Cesar faces down Bareto - and  Bareto misses WIDE! Wow. 
Thiago Silva versus Justo Villar, and Justo Villar SAVES the weak low shot.
Estegarriabia nails his shot past Julio Cesar. 1-0 Paraguay. 
Andre Santo misses high! 1-0 Paraguay. Andre Santo looks accusingly at the grass of the penalty spot. 
Rivera makes it 2-0 Paraguay.
Fred jogs up slowly - he misses! High and Wide. All the Brazil PKs missed. 
Not that that's going to make the USWNT feel any better. 
Wow, Argentina and Brazil both out of the Copa America in the quarters. "Inconceivable!" as Fezzig would say. 
Robinho is a little teary in his exit interview, says the team now has to focus on the World Cup in 2014.


East River said...

Argentina and Brazil have got some rebuilding to do. The Argies must learn how to play together as a team they need to build chemistry. Brazil simply needs to rebuild period. Even worst for Brazil is that now they will be under even more pressure in 3 years then they already were going to be. I still can't believe that both Argentina and Brazil went out in the quarterfinals of the Copa America in ARGENTINA both on PKs!! Brazil just absolutely choked, how the hell do you miss all of your pks? Robinho is one of the most overrated players ever!

A.C. said...

Well, it remains to be seen if this is a fluke tournament, or if the status quo in South America has been well and truly overturned with a resurgent Uruguay and the improvement of a number of other countries in the region. Right now, the model for success seems to be keeping a number of ones top players in a local league where they can learn to work well together like Spain and Germany.