Saturday, July 16, 2011

At the Coliseum

As usual with anything LA, Carmageddon has been overblown. I got here to the stadium so early for the Real Madrid - Galaxy match up that they wouldn't even let me in for half an hour. 
Luis disagrees, but I like the LA Coliseum. Yes, it's a crumbling concrete heap, but that gives it something of a more authentic feel - isn't the real Coliseum a ruin as well? I like the arches at one end, and how there's a VIP picnic section that sometimes gets hit by stray shots. I like the downtown view, how the stadium is close to where I live, and how the catering tends to be tasty, but also free.
Jul 17, 2011
The games played here have been an interesting mixed bag. I've come here for friendlies between Central American countries when I was a stringer for AP, I've covered youth friendlies (USA v Mexico's first U17 World Cup champions sold the place out) and a number of big exhibition games.
There's been random weird stuff at this venue, too. I remember when the sprinklers went off in the middle of a Barcelona match. Then there was the time I led a group of reporters onto the field during the transition period of a Gold Cup double header. One of my fave Coliseum memories was when the VIP party next to the pressbox ended and the caterers let all the reporters eat their fill of the fancy leftovers. I was munching petits fours with Frank Del Apa while we filed our post-game reaction pieces. 
Today's pressbox meal of lasagna was fine, though it seemed a bit off without any garlic bread. I know, I know, real Italians don't eat American-style garlic bread with anything that has tomato sauce, but hey, this is the USA. We overdo everything. 
Anyway, Real Madrid have stepped onto the field for photos with their traveling contingent . They're in shorts and light jackets and tennis shoes. The few fans in the stadium rush over to take photos as well. 
The pressbox just issued a collective groan as Argentina lost in  penalty kicks to Uruguay in the Copa America. Lots of reporters here from Spain rooting for Messi, even if they're here to cover Real Madrid. 
Garlic bread has suddenly appeared, but they won't let me get back in line, because I already used my meal ticket. Sadness.
Real Madrid now run out to the field in their playing gear and a cheer goes up. Probably about 25 thousand in the stadium right now.  
Real Madrid are up by two goals, but but the pressbox internet has so many people online that my computer keeps freezing up. I'll blog postgame.   
Well, it's all over and I filed my stories for They should be up on the site shortly.  
Here's Luis' recap.
Here's my sidebar on Mou, and another one on Real Madrid in general.  
All the cool kids with Iphones were taking pics at the end of the game. I don't have one, so thanks to Jim Alexander of the Riverside Press Enterprise for sending me this picture he took of me.

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John Godfrey said...

You buried the lede. How was the garlic bread? I know you didn't get any, but I assume you asked your fellow writers for their assessment?

So? What did they say?