Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Crew - LA - Running blog.


1- People in the pressbox are watching tape of Brek Shea's latest goal. Kid's going to earn himself a ticket to Europe in short order if he keeps it up. Corner for the Crew comes to nothing. 
2- Mendoza is down, not sure why. 
3- Well, whatever it is, it's not good. Heinemann is coming in. Donovan cross into the box cut off by Hesmer. 
4 - Heineman is in. 
6 - Galaxy earn a corner, Beckham takes, and it's cleared out.  
8 - Becks with a nice crossfield pass to LD, who loses ball to a persistent Gaven. LD fouls him trying to get the ball back. 
10 - Crew blunting the Galaxy attack pretty well, and on a little possession run of their own. 
12 - Bernado Anor with a hopeful shot from distance. Wide by quite a bit.
16 - Berhalter gets a yellow for a takedown foul on Anor. Saunders catches the freekick.   
19- Corner for the Galaxy leads to a bit of sustained pressure for a while, but then the Crew finally get some breathing room.  
22 - Galaxy are having the better of play, but they seem sluggish. May still be tired from the Real Madrid game. 
23 - Saunders nearly drops and outside shot from Rogers. Woah, butterfingers.  
25 - Another Galaxy corner drops to Hesmer. It's like they're playing catch out there.  
28- Galaxy with puzzling play and lack of cohesion.
30- Angel gets the easiest putaway in his playing history after LD breaks the ankles of two defenders and lays off a sweet pass to him in the box. Of course, cursed as he is this year with crappy form, Angel misses. He's so getting traded, is the buzz in the pressbox.  
31 - Or just plain cut. 
35 - Corner leads to a low outside shot from Franklin, but Hesmer gets down for the save. 
36 - Another Galaxy corner. Becks takes, it drops out to LD, who touches to a more open Berhalter, whose bending shot/cross? misses wide.  
39 - It doesn't help the Galaxy to have so many chances if they can't make good on any of them. After some good interplay between LD and Becks, Becks misses high on the shot.  
 Pushed the wrong button and a bunch of my posts disappeared. 
53 - Galaxy still bossing the run of play, still unable to score. Crew will probably steal this result late. 
56 - Scramble in the box, but the Galaxy still can't poke the ball in.  
59 - Another corner for LA. It's cleared. 
60 - It's really a credit to Omar Gonzalez how toothless the Galaxy are on corners without him. He's on the bench, nursing an injury. 
61 - Another Galaxy corner. 
62  - Off the corner, the Crew get a counter, and it's threatening as Heinemann turns the corner on Franklin, which isn't easy to do, but his cross is mistimed and the Galaxy escape damage.  
64 - Crew corner, Galaxy clear from a Rogers kick that is low. 
65 - Lopez is limping, but he's earned LA a free kick. Becks takes and it's cleared.  
66- AJ with a pretzel move to stop a Crew attack.
68 - Becks earns a foul in a decent spot, and Magee comes in for Lopez. Big cheer for the goalkeeper.
 70 - GOAL! The ball carooms off the wall on the freekick, and Franklin winds up and keeps it low and it skids into the goal. 1-0 Galaxy. Finally, after all their chances. Franklin's first of the season, too. Actually, it's his first MLS goal. He did have a CONCACAF Champions League goal, though, so it's not his first pro goal.
73- Let's see if the Galaxy can finish this game better than the USWNT in the WWC final. 
77 - Galaxy corner #15, I think. It's cleared. Rinse and repeat. 
79 - Looks like a handball by a Crew player, but ref awards the other way, as home fans boo.
80- If anyone is balding less gracefully than Wayne Rooney, it's Eric Gehrig.  
82 - Heinemann knocks down a couple of of bodies in the box like bowling pins, but it's to no avail as the pass bounces through untouched to Saunders.  
83 - Mikey Stevens in for Kirovski 
84 - Heinemann shows off a couple of tricky moves in the box to free himself for the shot, but Saunders makes the low catch.  
85 - Juninho gets a yellow, as both players go down. 
86 - Crew get a corner. Galaxy clear. Saunders saves on a follow shot. 
88 - Crew looking more lively late. 
89 - Former Galaxy player Josh Gardner off for Jeff Cunningham.  
90+ 2 minutes added. Galaxy freekick is retaken after ref marks out distance. Becks gets a yellow for arguing encroachment. 
Becks earns himself a corner off a deflected shot. It's taken short, as they run out the clock. So the short answer is yes, the Galaxy can kill a game better than the USWNT in the WWC final. Not always pretty, but effective.

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