Friday, July 29, 2011

Bornstein's Reaction

Bob Bradley had his many detractors for various reasons but one anti-Bradley sentiment centered on his choice of one player - Jonathan Bornstein.

The 2006 MLS Rookie of the Year did well in his initial call-ups to the national team but overall has had an up-and-down time of it with the United States, mostly down. Perhaps the final straw was Bornstein's performance in the Gold Cup, when he came off the bench against Mexico and was beaten repeatedly in El Tri's 4-2 win.

Now that Bradley is gone, Bornstein is gone too - or so the thinking goes. Thus, Bornstein is not exactly thrilled with the change - again, that's the thinking.

What does Bornstein have to say about this?

Bornstein took part in a press conference in Monterrey, Mexico, where Tigres are preparing for a league fixture against Queretaro and according to published reports had this to say:

"Durante cinco años, en ese tiempo ganamos mucho, tuvimos muchos buenos tiempos,. Es muy triste y desafortunado que esto pasara. Pero así es el negocio, esperemos ver el futuro de Estados Unidos, pero los cinco años pasados fueron buenos.

“El futbol de Estados Unidos escogió a Jurgen Klismann para crecer el nivel no sólo de la Selección Mayor, sino también de los Sub 17 y Sub 20, todos. Este es el plan con Klismann y vamos a ver.”

Which translates to...

"For five years we won a lot, had a lot of good times. It's sad and unfortunate that it happened but that's part of the business. We'll see what the future of the United States brings but the last five years have been good.

U.S. Soccer chose Jurgen Klinsmann to grow the level not just of the national team but also of the Under-17s, the Under-20s, all of them. That's Klinsmann's plan and we'll see.

With regards to Jurgen Klinsmann taking charge:

“Vamos a ver, siempre con un nuevo entrenador, siempre hay nuevos jugadores porque él tiene jugadores que a él le gustan y para mí es un comienzo nuevo y tienes que trabajar mucho más para demostrar tus habilidades a un nuevo entrenador y por mi yo voy a tomar la decisión como es."

... which translates to...

"We'll see. Whenever there is a new coach, there are always new players because he has players he likes. For me, this is a new start. You have to work hard to show your abilities to a new coach. For me, I'm taking the decision for what it's worth."

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