Monday, July 25, 2011

The Case For Uruguay

Uruguay have done it and have won Copa America. It may not have come as much of a shock the way the tournament unfolded, with Argentina and Brazil nowhere near the final, but Uruguay still were third-choice at best to win this tournament before it began.

Now that los Charruas have won glory, where does this put them in terms of world rankings?

Now, I don't mean how high they will climb up in the ridiculous FIFA rankings. But rather, where does this place them among the rest of the national teams?

Are they a true world power? Are they in the second tier of nations, strong teams who have some history and talent but not quite in the upper crust? Somewhere in between?

Well, I'd like to think a championship of this caliber would thrust Uruguay back into the first class. Uruguay should be considered a world power, a global elite, now. Certainly they are better than Argentina at this moment and would have more of an argument over Argentina to claim a spot in the Global Elite Club.

It's not every day a nation breaks into such rare air but Uruguay have done it.

They have the recent and current success - World Cup 2010 semifinalists, Copa America 2011 champions.

They have the history - two-time World Cup champions.

They have the world-class players - namely Luis Suarez and Diego Forlan.

This is an elite team. Make no mistake.

Whereas in 2010, some did not give Uruguay as much credit entering the World Cup - Group A looked wide open with Uruguay, Mexico, France, South Africa - but in 2014 Uruguay will clearly be the best team in their group no matter how it turns out.

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what'sgoingon said...

Uruguay's two forwards are so dynamic. Suarez is a predator in front of the goal, skillful, spontaneous, strong, and unpredictable. Uruguay deserved this cup.