Saturday, July 9, 2011

WWC, Germany v Japan - Quarterfinals

Little preamble, as the previous match ran right up against this one. Prinz is not starting.
2- Japan has a corner. Miyama serves it up to Sawa, but it's a bit low.  
4 - Kulig with a header - high and wide, but not far off. 
7 - Japan trying to keep the ball versus the more physical Germans. 
8 - Schmidt in for the injured Kulig.  
9 - Garefrekes in to shoot, and Japan does well to clear.
12 - Japan chasing a lot, as Germany mostly have their way, so far not looking like losing Kulig has caused them to miss a beat.  Germany freekick cleared off the line. 
15 - Japan don't usually have to play rush and counter, but they're trying to do it now.  
19 - Getting a bit of a passing game going now.
20 - Da Mbabi with a shot, pulls it wide.  
23- Beeringer freekick and Germany nearly scores before a defender desperately hooks the ball away. 
27 - Germany are looking good, but Japan are also looking more competent than, say, England.  
35 - It's end to end stuff, but phone calls had me busy for a bit. 
39 - Because Japan is better than England, this game is refreshingly even, though Germany has been perhaps a bit better and with a few more chances.  
40 - Da Mbabi with a high boot in the Japan box ends that chance.  
45 - Grings bumped off the ball at the top of the box - she's furious, but nothing doing, and the halft ends scoreless. 
48 - More of the same with Germany probing, but lacking incisive play. There's no update on Kulig - she seems to have refused to go to the hospital until the game is over. 
56 - Japan clear the ball of the goalline - Germany just needed to poke it home there.  
57 - Ohno has nowhere to go against five German defenders, but give her a bit of credit - she hands on to the ball for a bit.  Sawa gives up a dangerous freekick by elbowing the ball just outside the box. 
58 - Kinga wins the header under tremendous German pressure.  
59 - Kaihori with a terrible goalkick - straight out of bounds.
60 - Bresonik on the attack - but her outside shot gets blocked.
62 - Miyama from outside, but it's over and Angerer had it covered anyway.  
63 - Ian Darke keeps calling for a Bajramaj sub. She hasn't done much this tournament yet, so I'm not sure why he's so convinced she would be the key to victory for Germany.  
64 - Bresonik is coming out for Goessling.  Sacaguchi with a good tackle on Grings kills a German attack. 
65 - Ohno off for Iwabuchi. 
67 - Ando with a nice runs wins a corner for Japan. Miyama to take it. Germany clear well, though. 
69 - Germany's freekick gets headed away by Sawa - who has led a good team effort by Japan in this match. 
70 - Germany may have the ball less than Japan, but they've threatened more. Japan has managed to frustrate them, however.  
72 - Sakaguchi gets a yellow for taking down Laudehr. The freekick service isn't great and Garefrekes' header pops wide.
74 - Ando fights for a corner. The ball drops for Sakaguchi, but her shot is blocked out and cleared.  
76 - Germany with a little run of play, but Japan makes them fight for everything and the team is clearly out of sorts. 
77 - Garefrekes in the box, but her cross isn't met until Behringer hits it at the top - way too high.  
79 - Germany again laboring to get into scoring position. As the players get more frustrated, their shots and passes get hit harder, so all precision is lost. Players are chasing even simple passes. 
80 - Ando in the box as Angerer bobbled the ball, but got away with it.
81 - Muriyama backheel sets up Miyama shot, but it's high. 
83 - Grings is down in the box, but the referee waves off a penalty appeal, though the crowd wants it. She was shouldered off the ball, sure, but the ref deemed it a fair challenge.  
85 - Japan attack, but the cross misses a charging Ando. 
87 - Sawa gets a yellow for a sliding tackle on Laudehr. Bit harsh. The freekick isn't bad, but Japan have really clogged up the box and get the ball away.  
88 - Missed call on the corner kick, but Germany win one anyway seconds later. 
89 - The crowd goes crazy, but the eventual long range shot by Peter is way over. 
90 + Da Mbabi gets a deep throw and Germany with a desperate spell of possession still can't really get a shot on goal.  
Garefrekes in the box - but with Miyama draped over her, the half-turn and shoot goes wide.  
91 - Bummer. I didn't budget time for extra-time. I won't be able to blog much longer. Iwabuchi has the ball, but Germany eventually take it off her. 
92 - Sawa is down and in serious pain. Could be a groin pull.  
94 - With a player advantage, Da Mbabi tries to turn and shoot, but puts it wide.  Sawa is back.Not a pull then. 
96 - Sawa helps Japan get a corner. 

 97 - Iwabuchi comes down on the heel of a German player. 
100 - I'm off, though the game still holds in the balance.  

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