Friday, July 1, 2011

WWC Japan v Mexico

El Tri Femenil are in trouble.

13 - GOAL! Slight height advantage for Japan - they're a bit taller on average for Mexico, comes into play on this set piece as veteran Sawa outjumps the defense to put the ball past Ceci Santiago. 1-0 Japan
15 - GOAL! This time Ohno splits a pair of defenders and puts the ball up high. 2-0 Japan
17 - Mexico is working their way back into the game, trying to regroup.
20 - Garza cracks a shot on goal, but it's pretty easy for the Japanese goalkeeper.
24 - Santiago is out of her goal, but misses the ball as the Mexico defense swarms before Nagasato can shoot.
27 - The crowd is successful in getting the wave going.
30 - The camera keeps showing Steffi Jones in the stands. The FIFA politico, sadly, seems the be the only high-profile attendee at these matches.
32 - Seriously, stop the Japan - Barcelona comparisons. It's bogus that every team trying to possess the ball is suddenly Barcelona. That really cheapens what Barcelona does so well.
33 - It did look like Garciamendez's arm made contact with the ball - Mexico is lucky not to have given up a PK.
34 - Shot from distance by Veronica Perez. Way wide.
36 - Sawa = Xabi? Stop it, announcers, please.
38 - Ocampo nearly gets to a pass from Dominguez, but goalkeeper Kaihori gets there first.
39 - Nagasato earns a corner.
40 - GOAL! Miyama gives perfect service to Sawa, and no one closes her down as she heads the ball perfectly into the goal. 3-0 Japan. Cheers to Sawa, the old lady of the squad at 32.
41 - Poor Santiago. It's not the teenager's day.
43 - Nagasato past Santiago - but it's offside.
44 - Dominguez is offside as well.

Halftime - Mexico clearly need to regroup.

47 - Mercado has replaces Rangel.
50 - Finally, Mexico force Kaihori into a good save. Don't do anything with the corner that results, though.
56 - Nagasato charges through but Vinti's deflection of the shot results in a corner kick for Japan.
57 - Miyama with rare bad service hits the top of the net.
60 - Nagasato tussles with Santiago in the box - play is dead for roughing the keeper.
62 - Cuellar could be playing the odds here, taking out Dominguez to put in Kenti Robles, a defender. Possibly trying to deny Japan any more goals, and hoping to wallop New Zealand, and hope Japan beats England.
64 - Ocampo in the box, but Kaihori is out to grab the ball before she can shoot.
65 - Cuellar's days in the NASL get an on-air shout out.
66 - Santiago grabs the ball off Miyama's corner.
68 - Ocampo from distance - she's firing on goal, but ends up ignoring her teammates.
69 - Ohno comes off for Kawasumi, Iwabuchi on for Endo - kittens are dying with each Iwabuchi-Messi comparison, kids.
72 - Mayor commits a foul, giving Miyam a tasty freekick, but Santiago collects the redirect.
75 -Nagasato gets whistled for a handball in midfield.
77 - Mayor from distance has accuracy on her shot, but not much power - Kaihori makes the catch.
79 - Noyola comes on for Perez. It hurts a bit less to see her in an El Tri uniform the more it happens, I guess.
80 - GOAL. Sawa! Kinga charges into the box and knows where to get it. Sawa buries it far post corner with one touch.
83 - Utsugi on for Sawa. Miyama takes over the captain's armband.
85 - Miyama can afford to laugh as her header goes wide. She's fun to watch when she's enjoying her game.
88 - Goalline clearance for Mexico from Miyama's corner. They nearly conceded another there.
90 - Nagasato in the box, forcing Santiago into a kicksave.
90 + Japan won't stop, earning another corner. Mexico clear - and there's the final whistle.
Dominant display by Japan. Mexico's first loss in the World Cup leaves them with still a chance to advance, depending on the other group games.

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