Sunday, July 3, 2011

Eh, that didn't work out

Woah, that's embarrassing for the Copa America. The stadium sound failed at the start of Brazil - Venezuela, and now there are no anthems. So much for tradition. 

And embarrassingly for me as well, my cable died. 

Technical difficulties, they abound.  

Anyway, cable is finally back - I'm watching the Republica Deportiva highlights now of the scoreless draw right now. The most exciting part of the game was Neymar's rocking mohawk.

Fernando Fiore just referenced Tim Howard's objections to speaking in Spanish while interviewing Venezuelan and Brazilian fans. Heck, that's cool that he's laughing about the whole thing now.

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john said...

I can't believe Lucas and Ramires are the starting center midfielders for Brazil. Must be close to an all-time Brazil low.