Saturday, December 8, 2007

USvsBrazil running blog

This is going to be intermittent, since I'm multitasking, but the under U17 U.S. team is playing Brazil in the Nike Friendlies.

Starting U.S. lineup: Earl Edwards

Estanilao Arevalo Jared Watts Perry Kitchen

Joe Gyau Marlon Duran

Jack McInerney Carlos Martinez

Charles Renken

Stefan Jerome

In the first five minutes, the U.S. started well, but Brazil found their stride pretty quickly.

Ten minutes later, it's still mostly Brazil, but the U.S. has kept the South Americans off the board even while playing less than their best. Duran has been impressive. Charles Renken a bit jittery.

18- Joeseph Gyau to
McInerney whose low shot is on target, but saved. He was sliding to put in the shot, and didn't get a lot of power from it.
28- GOAL! US. Gyau with a looping pass to Martinez and the little winger jumps for it, catching it on the side of his foot for a volley. Nice, nice.
32- The US is playing a man down as Arrevalo is out because of an injury. He took an knee in the head during a tackle.
35- Arrevalo is out again, this time stretchered off. Tyler Polak is coming in for him.
38- Matteaus of Brazil with a shot in the box that barely goes wide.
39- Now Brazil has a player down. Felipe.
45- FK for the U.S. Duran takes it, puts it wide.
Wilmer Cabrerra could really put an exclamation point on his start as U.S. U17 coach with a win over Brazil. The U.S. stared fast, then struggled a bit, then settled down to the back and forth physical play of the match. Renken looked overwhelmed at the start, but increased in confidence as the match went on.
2nd half
47- This is a fast-paced match in the heat - the players are going to be knackered afterwards.
48- Cutinho of Brazil is simply awesome. He's created almost every chance for the Brazilians.
50- Gyau earns a free kick - it eventually leads to a shot opportunity for Renken - Brazil saves.
51- Renken is only 13 - I interviewed him for an article last year when he was twelve. He's the nicest guy, from Zambia and adopted by Americans.
53- Mauricio fouls Renken, coming down on Renken's ankle after the ball is already passed. Bad foul, gets a yellow, could have gotten a red. Renken stretchered off. He rolled the ankle pretty bad.
57- Renken, like Arevalo earlier, comes back in, but let's see if he lasts. He's on the ground, trying to stretch the ankle out right now. Edson Lemus is coming in for Renken, who looks to be cramping in addition to the ankle difficulty.
60- Watts thumps a long free kick to
McInerney, who earns a free kick, but Brazil counter quickly and get a shot off that goes wide.
62- Wellington charges for a ball right into Edwards, who is remarkably calm holding the ball in the crash.
64- The U.S. is scrambling. Renken's possession skills are missed. The U.S. is havng trouble holding the ball.
66-Coutinho sets up another shot with an assist after losing a couple of defenders, but Edwards saves it. Martinez has dropped back to defend.
67- Another save from Edwards.
68- Shot of Bob Bradley and U20 coach Thomas Rongen watching the game - guess who was doing all the talking? If you picked Rongen, you'd be wrong.
70- Dogged defending from the U.S. is frustrating Brazil, but they may be wearing the Americans down.
71- Danilo with an outside shot. The U.S. will give up that shot all day - Edwards has time to save it.
McInerney goes off for Jaime Gutierrez.
75- Eran gets a yellow - Jerome fouled him, but Eran then shoved him.
76- Dangerous Brazil freekick. Fernando lines it up. He fired toward goal, but Edwards saves it. Edwards is so well positioned that it looks like every shot is being hit towards him - the benefit of early preparation.
80- PK! GOAL! Jerome battles near the corner of the box and Venesius goes down and ends up falling on the ball, handling it. Jerome slams it home. 2-0 U.S. lead.
82- Brazil is out of position on free throw. The ref blows the whistle on it and the Brazilian coach flips out about it. U.S. get possession. Brazil look upset, just like their coach. This isn't going to help their play.
84- Brazil has a freekick, Edwards claims the service.
86- Brazil tried to throw in from the sideline again. The ref whistles it again. It's true that a lot of teams cheat forward on throws, but Brazil is taking it even further. Carvalho twofoots Duran, who was quietly playing very solid. Shoving breaks out, even as the ref shows Carvalho a yellow. Matteaus is shown a red. I think he punched someone, but I'm not positive.
89- Duran is down for a while, stretchered off. The refs are trying to get Matteaus to leave the bench area. There really isn't a locker room for him to go to. The coach is arguing. Finally, Matteaus goes behind the bench. That's pretty silly of Brazil. An assistant coach could have walked him back to the players' tent. I'm sure they also know the FIFA red card rule is that you have to leave the field area completely.
90+ Andrew Craven on for Jerome. Everybody on the U.S. team defending. Oooh, a header from Brazil off a nice cross. It's wide.
Dangerous Brazil freekick - just outside the box. This is a test for Edwards. Jefferson takes it. It hists the wall. Watts regains his composure and clears. The finals whistle blows. Fans (and a lot of residency teammates) storm the field in celebration. A Brazilian player gets a late red card - I guess he pushed a U.S. player who was celebrating or something.
It's a big win for the U.S.


Jrodius said...

" A televised interview at the half had Jerome saying his favorite part of the game is penalty kicks."

That was Earl Edwards that said that in the interview at half time. Jerome wasn't one of the three players that was featured.

A.C. said...

Ah, you're right, I was getting something to eat and only peeking at the screen during halftime.

Guy Gayle said...

"Matteaus is shown a red. I think he punched someone, but I'm not positive."

He spit at a US player (shortly after another Brazilian player did it). Only he got caught.

FC Uptown said...

It's a small thing, but FSC needs to hold the cameras on the field when the fans run out there and jump up and down with the players. That was a great thing to see, and they just cut away to clips and don't allow us to get a great shot of that.

A.C. said...

Good point.