Sunday, December 9, 2007

Pia speaks

Sorry there isn't much video - it's hard to hold the camera steady and ask questions and record questions at the same time. My little digital recorder is just at the bottom of the frame. Pia's response was describing her coaching style a bit.


Coach said...

Good clip A.C., looking forward to your article.


P.S. I just discovered you can put in a Nickname. When did that start? lol

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Excellent article at The fun is back(we can hope):

WNT in soccer rehab! Well said. Very insightful.

They really want to change," Sundhage said. "This will be fun."

Kate Markgraf had some good insight into the depth of the problems also.

"It could be," Markgraf added, "the best thing that ever happened to us."


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Excellent update at

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Sixteen of the 21 members of the USA’s 2007 FIFA Women’s World Cup Team are at mini-camp, but where are the other five? Read below for answers.

Rest, Please
Kristine Lilly just needs some rest, which she has earned after 340 caps, 20 years on the National Team and five Women’s World Cups. The U.S. captain has also yet to decide if she will attempt a run to the 2008 Olympics.

Taking a Breather
Defender Stephanie Lopez went from an intense Residency Training Camp to an even more intense starting role at the 2007 Women’s World Cup and then straight into an emotional senior season at the University of Portland. The 21-year-old needs a breather. And oh yeah, she’s getting married next weekend.

In Africa
Midfielder Angela Hucles is in Africa during humanitarian work.

Bun in the Oven
Defender Tina Ellertson is pregnant with her second child, but plans to return to action following the birth. She’s due in April.

Bear Time
Midfielder Marci Jobson has retired from international play. She’s also the new head women’s soccer coach for the Baylor University Bears, leaving Northern Illinois, where she was the head coach for three seasons.

Bun in the oven? Paleeese! :(