Monday, December 3, 2007

Mexican league... yawn... finalists

Although I follow the league closely, I can't say I'm excited for this season's final. Atlante and Pumas will meet twice this week to decide the Mexican league champion. Atlante knocked Chivas out of the playoffs after a 1-1 aggregate result while Pumas knocked off the superlider Santos by a 5-4 aggregate score.

Pumas is among the more popular clubs in Mexico but they've not played like a top team until recently. Atlante, well, they are not a traditional power at all. Their last title was in 1993, when they were led by Ricardo Lavolpe.

I think Pumas will win their sixth league title. Atlante is solid defensively but Pumas is hot right now. And after surviving Sunday's game in Santos, a game they lost 4-2, their confidence should be sky high.


Eric PZ said...

Earthquakes move to Houston and win the title. Atlante move to Cancun...

JT (Chicago) said...

I'm disappointed that Chivas didn't make the Final but maybe Pumas can make this an entertaining matchup anyway.

We'll see if Atlante's defense is that good or if Chivas just wasn't th team to unlock the gates they put up around the goal.

Martin said...

I think it will be an intriguing final and sorry chivistas and americanistas out there but the final doesn't need those teams to be interesting. Atlante not only has a solid defense but they have a pretty dynamic attack led by Venezuela's Maldonado, the revelation of the season and an exciting young wing back in Cristian Bermudez.

On the other side, Pumas have a young team who move the ball around well, I'm a big fan of Pablo Barrera and Pumas' two Argentinian forwards Scocco and Esteban Solari are a dangerous duo. I think this has the makings of a good final and it is good to see a team like Atlante return to the final after so many years.

A said...

Atlante were like the Brooklyn Dodgers of Mexico City, I've been secretly rooting for them for a few years, mostly to not fall into the whole Cruz Azul, UNAM, America, Chivas debates.
Say "Atlante" and before this year and you got weird looks from most FMF league fans.
It may have something to do with being a Cub fan. It's also why some other favorite teams to root for include Hibernians in Scotland and West Ham in the UK.
But Atlante could pull a Red Sox!