Friday, December 7, 2007

The coaches' table

Coach Cobi - it's a bit of a switch for players who had Cobi Jones on board the Galaxy for so long as a teammate.

Chris Klein, however, thought the transition would be hardest on Cobi.

"It’s different for us and it’s different for him. He probably has to make more of an adjustment than we do. We go out and we hang out with mostly the same guys as we did before, but now Cobi has to sit at the coaches' table and evaluate players from a different perspective. I’ve dealt with this type of thing before, being a veteran in this league and having players move into the coaching ranks. From what I’ve seen, I think the adjustment is a bit more difficult for the player turned coach than it is for the existing players."

Chris Albright, though, pointed out that Cobi was getting help from someone who had been there - new coach Ruud Gullit.

"It’s going to be an interesting dynamic between him and the guys – having gone from being a player to now obviously the assistant coach. He’s handled it well. Coach Gullit has helped to make that transition easier on Cobi. He’s been very understanding of the dynamic between him and the players, bringing him along and helping him understand what he wants as a head coach. Cobi being the veteran that he is, and with Coach Gullit being as understanding as he is, the change has gone easier than maybe people would expect."

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