Monday, December 3, 2007

Once more into the breach

Cobi Jones made what will probably be his last appearance in a Galaxy uniform on foreign soil, coming on as a sub after Clint Mathis suffered a slight injury versus Wellington Phoenix.

I found out from a Galaxy staffer prior to the trip that the traveling roster was so depleted by injuries, that new assistant coach Cobi had agreed to stand by if needed.

Even the possibility of such a move surprised Pete Vagenas.

"That’s the first I’ve heard of it," Pete told me when I mentioned the option. "But he’s out of shape now. At his age, if you’re not training every day, you’re in trouble."

It wasn't that Pete didn't think Cobi could still be effective.

"I started the whole 'One more year thing'", said Pete, (referring to the campaign for Cobi to stay on a little longer as a player. It fizzled when Cobi accepted the coaching position instead.)

Pete was happy for Cobi, but also admitted he was a little torn about losing the winger as a teammate. "I’m a grown man, but sometimes when I don’t know how to handle certain situations, he’s someone that to this day I confide in. I couldn’t possibly have any more respect for him."

It's a little sad, perhaps, that New Zealand fans probably had little understanding of the significance of Cobi stepping on to the field one last time. On the other hand, it seems only fitting that the guy who scrapped and hustled for the Galaxy year after year answered the call one more time when his team needed him.


Anonymous said...

Corinthians has been relegated this past Sunday in Brazil. 30 million fans are crying.

The Hammer said...

Yeah, I heard, sorry to hear that.

Back to the subject at hand... Cobi represents something that few teams in MLS have. A true legend. And the thing is, with his education, understanding of the game, etc. etc. etc. I can see him being an assistant for a while, then a head coach, and if he's successful eventually wearing the suit that Alexi Lalas now wears...

Cobi Jones is Mr. Galaxy

whatevs said...

this seems a little dramatic, so cobi participated in a game for fun/publicity stunt - will we also get so heartfelt when he takes a jog with hollywood united?

A.C. said...

I doubt Cobi will be representing the Galaxy in a Hollywood United game. The Galaxy do have an alumni game every year, though. I guess that means Cienfuegos will be passing to Cobi again there.