Sunday, December 9, 2007


Trojans win it all.


ghostwriter said...

The first USC goal resulted from a rebound off the crossbar to Tomer. The replay seemed to show McNulty tried to tip the first shot over, missed it, and it hit the bar solid and went right out to Tomer, whose header just had too much pace for McNulty to recover to.

The second seemed a mix up between McNulty and her defender at the post that fell straight to Currier who made no mistake with the chance.

On the other side, Talonen's miss was one she surely would want back. The cross had some pace, and it's a round ball on a round head, but she was pretty much alone and will get that ball at least on frame 7 or 8 times out of 10, but not yesterday.

Still, I thought FSU looked perhaps a bit tired and a step slow much of the game. USC controlled play, won many of the 1 v. 1 battles, were both composed and sure with the ball, and earned a well deserved win. Olsen was (as in the semi) just awesome. She is an imposing force in net.

Coach said...

I have noticed that Kristen Olsen was on the U20 Team that played in Mexico last February but she wasn't listed on the roster put out a week or 2 before that in early Feb. What was up with that?

She sure seemed to have an amazing run to the Championship, as did the entire USC team. Great job by Coach! He certainly appears to have made a difference.

Very possible that WWC events may have been a motivating factor for Kristen to really go out and make a name for herself, not that she needed the extra motivation but it may have helped.

Good stuff! Wish I could have watched the game.