Monday, December 3, 2007

Fire the soccer blogger

Yes, I went to the U-23 practice on Sunday, the first official day of training. I interviewed Peter Nowak, Jozy Altidore and Mike Randolph. Look for an article soon on the U.S. Soccer Player's site.

"Where are the photos of training, Andrea?" I can imagine our eager readers asking. I actually took my little camera to training, but I forgot the batteries.

And no, there won't be photos of training today, either. I've been working different hours, so I can't go to training in the mornings like I once did.


mosler said...

Glad to hear that you'll still be asked to contribute to the U.S. Soccer Player's site, despite their dropping coverage of MLS.

East River said...

Are you saying you have more traditional job nowadays AC? A 9 to 5 thats getting in the way of your sports journalism career?

A.C. said...

Both Luis and I have had supplemental jobs for some time. It may seem glamorous in some ways, but soccer writing doesn't pay much. My job didn't really change, but the hours did.